EQ2 Light was founded on the simple philosophy of a group of experienced individuals who provide a high level, targeted, creative and efficient lighting design service to the industry. We have all worked together in previous incarnations and collectively combine over 80 years of experience in the lighting design industry.

    We are a strictly fee-based, independent organisation and therefore have no commitment, allegiance or connection to any manufacturing or lighting supply organisation. Consequently we are able to provide,without prejudice, fully independent lighting design advice. This independence is very important to us and is a core part of the EQ2 philosophy.

    We do not have a conventionally understood company structure, preferring to work in collective project groups. This approach enables us to place client and project requirements at the centre of our designfocus and is driven by one simple motivation – our passion for light.


    Light is not an element that is added onto or into a design; it is an element that is inherently part of the building or space, a central part of the function and form of a project. This is always our starting point, informing our analysis and our understanding of a project and creating a clarity to our design process.

    This approach lends a strength to our design output. It creates a conceptual simplicity that we believe is of great benefit to a project, providing effective and coherent solutions.

    We have a full understanding of the design process. Undoubtedly, creativity is key but so is the actual delivery of a project, an area where we rigorously apply ourselves through conceptual, technical, cost and delivery phases. We are absolutely passionate about the detail inherent within any good design. And we will always take an active and positive role on site. In fact, we are very often the last members of the design team to leave site, handing over a project to a client team at the end of our commissioning process. To us this combination of creativity and delivery is what design is all about. Ultimately, it is what makes a beautiful project.


    We are a team of skilled professionals involved in the design and management of multiple projects; we commit to release the higher quality on both creativity and service delivery.

    We are passionate people, really focused on our job; we do love design, architecture and the unique flair that we can achieve in very single project, providing tailored design solutions.

    Clients and Partners

    EQ2 Light is fortunate to be in a position where it has been able to establish long term working relationships with both clients and design partners in the design and construction industry. Some of these working relationships extend back to over 20 years.

    This has been an important aspect in terms of the company development as these types of relationships allow space and time during the design process and thus foster creativity.

    We are proud to be associated with our client and design partner profiles as the people that we work with have one thing in common; an absolute passion and desire for their projects and for design in general. Indeed, without these associations with like-minded companies and individuals, it would be difficult for us at EQ2 to foster our major passion – light.