Scope of Services

    EQ2 Light provides a range of lighting design services all of which are based on a well established, core design process. This process commences with a Conceptual Design phase where project requirements are fully determined and understood. The response during this stage of the design establishes the lighting design approach and looks in depth at the related performance and design parameters of a scheme. This is generally the most important part of the design process.

    The next design stage is the Technical Specification where lighting layouts, product specifications, control requirements and design details are fully developed. This is followed by a Design Integration stage where EQ2 Light works with the design team to ensure that lighting details and equipment are properly integrated into the broader Architectural, Interior and Engineering Designs.

    The last two phases, Construction and Commissioning, involve attendance on site, something that is particularly important in overseeing a design implementation. Indeed, EQ2 Light is regularly the last member of the design team on site finalising the performance of the lighting installation during commissioning.

    This process embraces the use of both artificial and natural light both of which are seen by us as being one component. Indeed, EQ2 Light regularly provides design analysis and input into daylight performance both in relation to planning requirements and within the context of project specific requirements.


    Sustainability has been a central core of our approach to lighting design before it became the agenda item that it is today.

    A good example of this the PowerGen Headquarters Building in Coventry which was completed in 1995. Using a combination of daylight and efficient artificial lighting methods, the lighting energy load at PowerGen rivals many schemes being completed today whilst at the same time providing a healthy and responsive working environment.

    Coming forward 20 years, projects like Bonhams also demonstrate our commitment to sustainability with every luminaire, in what is a demanding visual environment, utilising LED light sources. Within our design process we also consider aspects such as the supply chain carbon footprint, recyclable product content and forwards compatible LED sources to ensure solutions that deliver. For EQ2, key aspects of a sustainable design include:  

    • Exceptional and healthy living, working and social environments.
    • Energy and maintenance efficient lighting solutions.
    • Maximising the use of daylight to improve health and energy efficiency.
    We see sustainability as a force for good. It encourages creative design and drives technological innovation. This is why it will always be a central part of our philosophy.

    Market Sector

    EQ2 Light works with many of the leading architects, designers and developers in the industry and has extensive experience in the following market sectors:
    • Commercial & Offices
    • Residential
    • Hotels & Spas
    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Regeneration
    • Transport
    • Historic &┬áCultural
    • Landscape & Exterior
    • Shopping Centres
    • Daylight
    • Masterplanning